Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring has Sprung here in Wisconsin!

What a gorgeous day today! Love it, it is invigorating! Spent most of the day Spring cleaning. (as it is commonly called)
Anyone who has a woodstove knows how wonderfully warm they are in the deep frigidness of winter, but oh boy, do they make a mess! Fine black dust all over the place! Needless to say, after hours of wiping down everything, washing curtains~windows, ceiling fans, moving furniture, deep vacuuming~ I am one hurtin' unit!
I did have time to post a few piece son Ebay, and then added some pictures here also. Busy day ;o)
Very soon I will begin making my prototypes for "Teddy Bears of Witney" in the UK. This is an annual process every April. I usually send 4~5 newly created pieces to them, and they decide which ones will be placed in their catalog for the next year. I have been blessed to be able to work with them for almost 10 years now. I can hardly beleive it.
To think I am able to make teddy bears and their whimsical little friends without having to leave home!
I hope to take some pictures of the process along the way and will post them here for you ~ Should make an interesting essay ;o)
Well, thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day, wherever you are! Talk soon!

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Louise Peers said...

I am thinking too at the moment what to make for Witney ! xx

Deborah Beardsley Elertson

Deborah Beardsley Elertson

Welcome to Deb's corner of the world!

So happy you could drop in to visit for a moment! I am new at this Blogging, but I thought I had better get in step with the times~ So please, "bear" with me as I explore this new world and creative venue~
I will be posting pictures of the new pieces I make, and also some of the older interesting ones. I do hope you will stop by often to see what is going on. Thoughts and musings about life in the middle of the Northern Wisconsin Woods, on this journey of bear making and grandparenting!
I will be adding new widgets and gadgets as I become more familiar with it all.
Many thanks for stopping by! See you soon!

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